Project Description

Thermochromic/Colour-Change Ink Labels

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Thermochromic Labels 1

Also known as temperature indicators, which features colour changing ink at a specific temperature. Its activated ink change effects can enhance a product promotion or act as a warning. Our most famous application was a promotional wine chill indicator.

Thermochromic Labels are widely used for medical, security authentication, quality checking of chilled foods and drinks promotions.

Technical Description & Common Terms

Thermochromism is the property of substances to change colour due to a change in temperature.

  • Drop in – colour appears, sometimes called reveal inks
  • Drop out – colour disappears
  • 2 way – the colour indicator will revert if temperature drops below/above a critical level making it ideal for chilled product promotions
  • 1 way – a colour change is permanent ideal as a warning or security feature

Thermochromic inks can be used on paper or synthetic substrates, in combination with standard inks. Our Thermochromic ink has been specifically developed for Flexographic printing, making it ideal for our new press.