Project Description

Special Inks – Ink Effects for Labels

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Working closely with the major ink manufacturers, Goldcrest are able to offer a number of exciting and vibrant ink and varnish effects to make your labels spectacularly different.

Special Inks can add eye catching feature to product labels and promotions. It is mainly used in the food and drink market but could also be any retail labeling including Security and brand protection for “blue chip” companies.

Technical Description & Common Terms

  • CMYK – or 4 colour process is widely used to offer cost effective full colour labels. Ideal for photo quality images and illustrations.
  • Spot colour – a specific ink chosen by customer as brand or corporate ID which needs careful matching.
  • Pantone – formula and colour match guide is used by Goldcrest for colour consistency.
  • Low Migration Ink – suitable for printing of primary packaging for food i.e. All Goldcrest standard inks are Food Grade Inks.
  • Blue Wood Scale – level of colour fastness against UV scale 0-8.

0 = no protection and 8 = maximum. Available when labels can be exposed to bright sunlight outdoors.

We can use any ink suitable for Letterpress or Flexo print methods

Ink effects include:

  • Fluorescents
  • UV inks and varnishes
  • Pearlescent varnish
  • Scratch Off and Thermochromic
  • Security Taggants
  • Metallics

We are experts at colour matching and will maintain your colour standards, print after print.