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Scratch n Sniff Stickers

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Scratch n Sniff stickers from Goldcrest are a great way to promote products where fragrance is a key factor in marketing. It may be an old favourite but not easy to do well.

Why use Scratch n Sniff:

  • To introduce new scented products
  • Promotions and offers
  • Competitions
  • To prevent on shelf product sampling
  • Product reminders
  • Corporate marketing

Key features of our Scratch n Sniff labels:

  • The label can be any shape any size, so long as there is enough label to scratch to get a decent release of fragrance.
  • We can print the label in up to 6 colours plus the scratch n sniff.
  • Small runs can now be done easily using a digital print process.
  • We have access to a stock library of “off the shelf” fragrances, from Apple Blossom to Engine Oil. Just ask and we can let you know what is available.
  • If you want an encapsulation of your own, bespoke fragrances can be made too.
  • We can use a wide variety of label materials from paper and paper effects to, clear or white plastic to suit different needs.
  • Long shelf life
  • Suitable for hand or machine application.

Some things to be aware of. The scratch n sniff we provide comes as an encapsulation, where fragrance oils are taken and prepared in such a way that we can print it as a coating.

The encapsulation usually takes the form of lots of tiny beads that lock in the fragrance. When scratched the beads release one good blast of aroma. The more beads the bigger the blast.

It is very much a skill to do the encapsulation and then to print without bruising the beads so the aroma is lost.

Floral, spiced, woody and zesty smells tend to work very well, but light fragrances may need stronger concentrations. Products that require heat to create an aroma, such as Roast Coffee, are more tricky but can be done. Some very unusual smells can be created synthetically. Smells such as New Car and Banana are currently available.

We are always on hand to advise you on what can, and equally can’t be done with Scratch n Sniff. If you have an idea for Scratch n sniff we would like to hear it. Orders of 5,000 labels and above, please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you.