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No Look/Transparent Labels

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Transparent Labels

One of the first label printers in the UK to perfect the eye-catching design feature of the “No Look” effect, using clear face materials and transparent adhesive label substrates, to give the impression of having no label at all.

We have used this technique extensively for Food and Drink manufacturers as it gives the impression that the label is printed directly on the product. But this process can be applied to any label where eye catching design is a must. It is also very useful for avoiding colour matching to contents or containers.

We offer a wide range clear of plastic label materials to suit all needs:

  • Polypropylene clear films (PP) films which tends to much thicker
  • It provides high clarity, high gloss and good strength
  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a crystal-clear thin thermoplastic used to match containers
  • And it’s fully recyclable
  • If adhesive bloom or air bubbles plague your clear current labels we have the answer with our material matching techniques.
  • Suitable for glass and plastic containers

Using our versatile 8 colour press, we also provide some breath-taking ink effects. Not to mention the ability to cold foil in line as an extra cost effective high end feature. Mirror printing and the ability to back up and enhance the print means that Goldcrest labels clearly stand out from the crowd.