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Over lamination of a printed label provides a clear plastic protection to the labels top surface.

Hard wearing, long lasting and providing protection from degradation, dust and moisture, lamination can significantly extend the service life of a label.

By over-laminating standard label materials it is possible to provide a cost effective alternative to metal tags as used for engineering and electrical products. Many combinations qualify for UL approval.

We can also part laminate, ideal if a service engineer needs to manually apply information on the label prior to sealing it to protect the label from the elements.

Laminating is a good way of protecting against essential oils for cosmetics & beauty products, many fragrance based products and chemical labels.

Lamination will also protect against surface “picking” on labels in transit, as low frequency vibration can mark labels and cause severe damage.

The new generation of exciting new film effects now available to Goldcrest can also add decorative feature to further enhance product labels.