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2 Ply Labels (Multi-Layer or Peel ‘n’ Reveal Labels)

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Not to be confused with a Piggyback label (where a self adhesive label is placed on a second carrier for transferring information) a 2 Ply Label is two self adhesive layers, fully printed and hinged to for a 2 to 3 sided self adhesive booklet.

This means that within the surface area of one label, you can double or triple the available printed area, using standard methods of application.

The 2 Ply or Multi-layer label can be used for promotional, allergen and medical listings, multi- language applications, instructions, directions for use and legal requirements.

Goldcrest provides a number of 2-layer peel and reseal label constructions, ideal for when label space is at a premium.

Our Multi-layer labels feature:

  • An adhesive release coating ensuring easy opening
  • A Permanent adhesive hinge, to avoid unwanted separation
  • adhesive neutralised (killed) corner to create peel point for easy access to the lower layer
  • Up to 6 colours plus foil blocking to be used in combination to all print surfaces for maximum impact.
  • A wide variety of material substrates
  • Minimal show through from bottom layers

The Goldcrests 2 Ply Label can offer a low-cost alternative to booklets for any container. They can also be located on the lid or container base. Well worth considering as an environmental alternative to extra packaging.

Piggyback labels:

Available in permanent and removable adhesive, this simpler 2 ply sandwich construction may offer a simpler solution to your needs.

Ideal where variable information has to be transferred via a label to a document as permanent records.

Plain or printed, in standard or bespoke constructions, we can specify the perfect solution to your data collection needs.