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3rd September 2019

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New Label Press at Goldcrest does exactly that.

Goldcrest add to print capability to meet the next generation of creative label design.

For most Companies a new printing press is a bit like buying a brand new car. You look at the glossy pictures, study the performance, go to the showroom and finally pick from the list of option packs goodies you fancy. Goldcrest did it differently. First they asked their customers what they needed and then specified a machine for the real world that suited their needs, putting the Customer not the printers’ priorities top of their wanted list.

“It was time to invest to take the company forward. But instead of configuring a press based on what we considered important, we talked to the people who would be filling it with their orders and where they were going.” said Stephen Simmons, the second generation of the Simmons family to head Goldcrest.

Now Goldcrest have combined with, one of the leading Print machine manufacturers in the world and installed a fully loaded, state of the art 8 colour Flexographic press, in order to take label design to take another level.

“For many years Nilpeter have proved to be our perfect partner and understood what we wanted to move to the next level in terms of design flexibility and colour capability. This press does exactly that. More importantly for the label buyer, the impressive running speed with minimal set up times make Goldcrest the competitive choice for any label in any marketplace.”

“In configuring the press we were able to take advantage of some of the latest innovative bolt on features that we knew specifically were in demand. This means we are ready to take label design and construction to another level. It is exactly what we were looking for so we are to offer customers exciting opportunities to make their labels work harder when marketing their products.

Ever since arriving as a prestige, customer-orientated label printer in 1971, Goldcrest Labels have been known for their ability to meet the most complex of print specifications.

With nearly 50 years experience in innovation and solution labelling, Goldcrest have built a reputation as a problem solving supplier, who will work closely with their customers to create cost effective, on time label products.

In other words, if you have a label wish list, forget the glossy brochure and call Goldcrest Labels.

For more information about Goldcrest, you can visit or e-mail


Goldcrest (Adhesive) Products Ltd

Telford Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 4LE  01869 243 201

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