Memory Tab Label innovation helps to boost sales

Conscious of the need to encourage repeat sales, a major English vineyard turned to self adhesive label specialists Goldcrest Labels for ideas to promote their brand.

Goldcrest were able to provide an easy way to remember a fine wine by incorporating a “remove and retain” tab to the back label for each bottle.

The Memory Tab has a handy easy peel perforation to allow an adhesive free tab to be removed and allow the customer to keep the wine details long after the bottle had been discarded.

This clever but simple marketing technique put the Vineyards brand range in prime position for repeat or alternative sales.

Memory Tab does not have to be used just for follow up sales, as it can be adapted for promotional needs too. Without the need for any extra labels, sleeves or booklets or even costly extra equipment, Memory Tab is a low-cost solution to maximising customer interest. What is more, the label can be applied to most products not just wine bottles.

For more information on Memory Tab and what it can do for your products, contact Goldcrest Labels on: 01869 243 201 or e-mail